Once upon a time, a little boy loved to read, write, and ride his bicycle. Then he learned he couldn't make a living as a writer. So he became a lawyer.

He traveled the world, practiced in unusual places, learned things most people don't know...but forgot the joy in writing. Billing by hours left no time for verse, or words embraced for their own sake.

The little boy grew up, had twin daughters, then set about learning to love writing once more. Sometimes, words we write persist after we are gone, and thus become a shared legacy. Sometimes, the writing of them helps permit us to persist.

Perhaps writing for joy will be like learning to ride a bicycle.

My original "bio" read as follows:

Former Short Bio (2021 to 2022): “Inside every lawyer is the wreck of a poet.” (Clarence Darrow) — but sometimes rubble rebuilds. Wordplay, snark, hope: dialogue is legacy.

I changed it in October 2022 as I started "finding my voice" - or at least, a project that seems worthwhile. For some reason, I'm focusing on (re-)reading the "classic" poets and authors of Project Gutenberg, then responding, parodying, playing, following, imitating, studying, meditating, and adapting them to today's context.

Old cities sometimes buried the neighborhoods of yesterday under today's trash. "Clickbait" distractors abound - sometimes like other trash, burying what should have been preserved - sometimes torching that legacy.

My project is to look backwards and discern how the beauty of our heritage can empower our communities today. When I have mastered how to undertake this project, perhaps other, better creators than I will consider such projects in turn.

Tom Tordillo

Necromancer unleashing zombie hordes from Project Gutenberg to work literary atrocities. Also father/lawyer/commentator/ironic.